Jul 31, 2020
KaeriArt (All reviews)
I believe it was my first Manhua and BL story I read and I instantly fell in LOVE with it!
The story is absolutely SWEET! All the characters are just charming, cute, unique and hot by the way, especially the main characters!! The expressions and personalities of these two are just adorable, you just can't fall in love with them!

Like mostly you will see the past love/life stories of all the characters in the story, so, it's amazing to see how they are evolving in their own ways. The main story is long but that's what is so good about it!!! Seeing characters past and present you can definitely feel all the emotions and feelings right on the point. You will feel them, love them and understand them!
Basically, the Manhua has many characters to choose from to cheer on in the story, many sad and happy love stories, past trauma's and many hilarious moments!!! The humor in the story is priceless!! XD There are no vulgar moments which is good if you don't want to see it but a disappointment if you want to see the characters on action. The art style is light, cute ant sweet. Nothing more. In my opinion the Author made a super amazing job!!!

By the way, believe me, you will want to see the side stories sometimes even more that the main story because it's just too cute!!! (there were happy tears and screams of pure joy!!! X'''D)

Overall it's absolutely sweet and funny story!! Love the Author art style and humor level, love the characters, love the main story! I LOVE it all!!!! T^T/

10/10 Recommend for every BL fan who loves super sweet love stories!!!!!