Jul 30, 2020
-SINS- (Manga) add (All reviews)
eroyshiro (All reviews)
Good morning fellow Otakus. This is my first ever Manga review! A one shot by Miura Masataka. It is called -SINS-. I have very very big mixed feelings about this manga as a whole. Something that is normally written as a one shot can be either very good and the reader would agree that it only required one chapter to tell a beautiful story, but sometimes, it can be mediocre, meaning that it would have been best to include 4 or more chapters, not volumes, CHAPTERS!. -SINS, was the mediocre version. It could have been way more interesting if Masataka included 4 more chapters.

Story: The story all in all was mediocre. The normal supernatural, defeating angels and demons type story. I did find Satan as an interesting character, in other words, an interesting playboy.

Art: I really did not enjoy the art style whatsoever, because it made me feel like I'm reading a normal western comic book such as lets say, Batman or Spiderman. Manga art is very unique to a story and its the most important aspect of a manga.

Characters: Just your normal typical supernatural fantasy type characters. what can I say really? I didn't quite get excited whenever a new character was introduced but that's just me!

In conclusion: Normally, when a person writes a one shot, they shot very very very much sit down and think about what they give the audience. As a beginner reader, I might be wrong in this particular stage. Some people might think that I am completely wrong about the whole story and one might even have enjoyed it. Mind you that this is my personal opinion and Im not saying that this is very bad. I am just pointing out that this story could have been BETTER if if was more that one single chapter