Jul 29, 2020
Uneeponge (All reviews)
Koko wa Ima kara Rinri desu. Reading it is quite the unique experience. The manga intelligently makes you go through various concepts of ETHICS by approaching different problems students have.

If I had to use one adjective to fit this story with, it would be respectful. The main character, the pace, the topics discussed in the story, everything is treated with respect. The story and characters engage in reflections on various ETHICAL topics without being judged from the start, and the story tries to find its solutions respecting individuals and beliefs.
As a negative point, tts structure might be not the best for certain topics. The manga handles some very hard and complex problems, and sometimes seems to give them a solution too quickly. But it doesn't go in the way of what the manga wants you to do, and that is engaging a dialogue within yourself, make the reader think about ETHICS.

The manga sticks to its unique style. The art manages to show emotions in a really nice way, exagerating sometimes but without being excessively heavy.

Probably one of the best point about this work. There are quite a few characters introduced in the story, none of them feel like forced characters put to support a story element. They are given enough background to enter the discussion about their problems, and I'm sure quite a few of us got attached to some of them quite quickly.

I fully recommend this manga, if you enjoy thinking.
I think that's a good way to conclude. Thinking is nice.