Mar 31, 2008
restivesilence (All reviews)
Overall I think this anime deserves an 8.5 on my scale, but unfortunately there isn't that option.

Story: The story itself is fairly basic, but has some interesting back story thrown in every once in a while. However, the anime does seem rushed. I think a lot of people did not give this show a chance because the beginning is so chaotic. The first episode does not feel like an introduction at all, in fact you are pretty much thrown into the story.

Art: I really enjoyed the animation. It seemed to be well done (it better for being 10 episodes). Maybe, it is the little girl in me, but I appreciated that they changed the main characters clothes and hair throughout the show.

Sound: Characters voices were fitting. The music throughout the show was very nice and enjoyable. Originally, I didn't like the intro song but it grew on me.

Character: This is one of my favorite things about this show, but at the same time could've been better. Rahzel, the main character, was AWESOME. She had a great back story, was interesting, kicked butt and was everything I wanted her to be. However, the other characters could've been so much more. I really saw potential for interesting characters and there were definitely moments, but I think the anime just didn't flesh it out well.

Enjoyment: Basically this show just captured me and kept me hostage. There is such a great mixture of humor, action, and friendship/love that I kept thinking "I'm going to rate this a 9!" I couldn't justify that high of a score overall, but the enjoyment level was definitely a 9.