Mar 10, 2011
RedVelvendetta (All reviews)
Code Geass R2, the sequel to the first season, is a flawed, yet addicting anime with a wide array of characters and a complex/sometimes-confusing plot. Personally, R2 is one of my favorite anime, but it wasn't as strong and solid as the first season was. However; it still offers a lot to the plate.

The major flaw I see with the second season is its pacing, most of the time so much is going on that it's hard to understand, and it may need a re-watch. That was the case more often than so; it only dragged in a few areas. Another notable flaw is that there's such a HUGE cast of characters, many do not get the development they should. Some main characters were kinda left out for parts of the story, or they were ignored. However I do think Lelouch, C.C., and Suzaku had excellent development throughout the show. Also, compared to its first-season counterpart, the tactics and intelligence displayed aren't as strong. With all the upgraded Knightmares, it was more of a who had the best knightmare. Another negative, though not as notable, is the fanservice. For me I can just ignore it, but sometimes it gets a little too much. Not a huge negative, but noteworthy.

On the flip side, R2 is just as if not more entertaining than the first season. Abundant plot twists, epic battles, character's spouting morals at eachother, you get the idea. Sometimes though the plot twists can get a little ridiculous. It all depends on your suspension of disbelief, though; and I can tolerate most of the show's antics. The opening songs are great, the ending songs are just okay. I love the soundtrack, it's very strong and fits well with the different moments, I liked the new BGM they added. Another positive point is the animation and art very crisp and bright, and they fit well with the show. The 3 main characters, and Kallen to some extent, are one of the best things about this show to me. Lelouch is my favorite male anime character, and C.C. is up there as well. Although the storyline suffered from pacing issues, it was still a great ride, I definitely didn't regret watching it. You just have to loosen yourself up and enjoy yourself. Also, the ending was brilliant. Definitely a plus.

Overall, if you liked the first season, you should definitely try R2 out, I think it'll be worth your time.