Jul 23, 2020
Some1ridiculous (All reviews)
So when I started this webtoon, the story looked good enough like it has got that Pinocchio, Red Riding hood, Alice in wonderland and The Little Match girl vibes to it.

At first, I really didn't like the annoying side characters such as Roy the cockatiel and the painter neighbour. However as I'm trying to get through with reading this webtoon, you do get use to them if you try not to let them hinder your reading experience! Trust me I have tried to drop this a few times because of them but lads, Jane and Winter are the only ones here who kept me reading here lol!!!!!


So I felt S2 was basically pretty long winded because it's pretty much a slow burner story anyways and pretty predictable that the Winter character was going to turn back into a fully "live human". I'll include the happily ever after between Jane and Winter obviously!

I will say I wasn't expecting the art to look stunning when we see Winter and Jane in adult form. The art was mediocre atw in fairness but I didn't expect it to be nice enough in the end?! Also I didn't expect the Zoe character to be like Winter so that was rather odd but reasonable I suppose!

Would I call this a masterpiece or that great of a story? No. Would I still recommend this to peeps who enjoy dark fairy tales? Sure why not?