Mar 2, 2011
AnchientProphet2 (All reviews)
2nd anime review I can remember lol. "Ahem"

"Be careful what you wish for, it might come true!"

Some things that make some religious believers unsettled are portrayed in this short OVA. WHo am I kidding. A lot of things will if you dont have an open mind. Or if you somehow choose THIS as the first anime to ever watch. But if you should, then I applaud you!

"We are demons; when you came, we come!"

This was said to a high schooler who 'beat it' in just such a way as to summon two demons who claim to only appear every 1000 years on Friday the 13th. The two demons promise our main horn dog anything in the world! Anything but what he truly wants. He soon realizes wises are easier said than lived with. Yet at the heart of this tale lies a sinister conspiracy!
Though very much an ecchi comedy, this anime contains powerful themes about consequence, free will and interesting imagery about the afterlife.'This' close to hentai if there were actual apendages shown and penetration, but there are breasts for those who wish it to be so. Yup. BUT it Was better without it just to expediate the point of the story.
See it. Believe it or not. But always wash ur hands no matter what! And wrap it up! Figuratively speaking if time is of the essence. *runs off*