Jul 11, 2020
Ellenwitch (All reviews)
This has been my first time watching this sort of anime, and it's been a really good experience so far. I honestly really like it.

The characters are enjoyable and entertaining. No matter if they're the little fluffs that are different in their own way, or our lovely MC with how cute her personality is. Along with her reactions, she's a good girl that deserves the world, much like her friends do. A funny idol, and a science pure hearted girl that is just lovely.

The art is really colourful. Bright and sparkly. From the anime itself, to the transformation scenes. It's all very beautiful and pleasant to look at.

Music is very chill and nice to listen to. For every part of the show, one of those peaceful sounding animes that's just good stuff.

Honestly I cannot say enough praises for it. While it isn't super amazing, but it's certain been a breath of fresh air for me, and I cannot wait to watch more as the show goes on.