Feb 27, 2011
ibellis (All reviews)
Happy Lesson: The Final is the conclusion to the Happy Lesson series in 3 20+ minute OVA's. However, the story takes a strong turn towards the deeper feelings of the main character Chitose.

Story: 9
To me, the story begins with the first episodes of the Happy Lesson series. It's a very fun-loving story revolving around a young man, Chitose, and 5 women, who are also his teachers, acting as his effective mothers. While many events happen, "The Final" wraps the entire story up. Concerned about his "mother" Mutsuki, Chitose takes it into his and his other 4 "mothers" hands to help her out. Throughout the later episodes of Happy Lesson Advanced, there are hints about the events that transpire in "The Final." The constant foreshadowing of what is to come keeps you interested and focused on what will happen.

Art: 6
I watched the series on youtube, so I wasn't too concerned with the art. It is what it is.

Sound: 7
refer to above category

Character: 8
I particularly liked the characters of Happy Lesson. To be completely honest, the Women in Chitose's life would be the same as those found in one of those "Dating sim" type of games. There's the super strong Satsuki, the sword wielding nurse Yayoi, the super cute art teacher Uzuki, the introverted scientist Kisaragi, and the literary teacher Mitsuki. Of course they would, it's a Harem style anime. What I enjoyed about the characters is how much they all are genuinely concerned over how they can better Chitose's life as acting like his mother.
There is nothing incredible about the main character, but his circumstances make for an incredible story.

Enjoyment: 10
I enjoyed this series so much. After watching the ending, I can officially say it is one of my favorites. I love endings that are happy and not filled with question or regret, which is why this ending i s so perfect. It doesn't matter "how" it ends as long as it is happy. This ending made the series that much more enjoyable and would make me want to watch the series more and more.

Overall: 10
I gave the overall a 10 because I feel the most important part of watching something or doing something is enjoying it. Since I enjoyed the series so much, I have to consider it for a 10. Though the ending definitely helped.

I really recommend the series to anyone. It really makes you think about family, love, and what is happiness. Being what it is, you can't help but be drawn in by the events that take place and what the characters feel.