Mar 29, 2008
EternityOfPain (All reviews)
Generally I fall into the range who is to lazy to write a review, however after stumbling upon this series I am compelled to write one.

Yugo the Negotiator is simply amazing. It will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish. The series can be broken down into two arcs. Each are is different however the feel is similar (in that they both rock). What I found very interesting was at the beginning (prior to starting the series) I worried that it being only 13 episodes it wouldn't be sufficient time to build a solid story however this anime feels very complete. Each arc has a solid finish. I would recommend this series to anyone who is eager to watch a series that has a great plot, great characters, will leave you feeling very glad you invested the time into the series, and for those ready to have a good time.

This series does have some blood, but the cheer enjoyment is "How is Yugo going to get himself out of this one?" And the best part is, you as the viewers are left dumbfounded till it actually happens. Unlike some series where you can tell how the climax is going to un-fold this series leaves you in suspense till the very last minute.

I highly recommend you go out and download the series, as I am positive you will not regret it.