Jul 10, 2020
Potterz (All reviews)
So i just read this manga based on someone recommendation. And just as a i thought when i read the first chapter, this manga is really interesting and definitely on my top tier list.

The story revolves around madoka whose family just won a lottery and that lottery changes the whole thing. It is really interesting because from the start until the end the story connected to this lottery. I just cant stop reading it because i cant really guess what will happen next and who will be the end game. And u can only know who is the end game until aroung chapter 20 maybe? The character is lovable and pretty realistic, the art also so great and catch my eyes. Definitely must try it for shoujo lovers.

In this review i am kinda confused to actually give it a 9 or 10, but i decided to give it a 9 since it doesnt give me so much chills.