Jul 9, 2020
Vinickw (All reviews)

It's awful... could be my review, it just isn't because I need to do a longer review.

Now I'll be serious, this anime is so bad, I've watched just for one reason, but I think that it was an error.
Let's start with the story, as the name says, chikan (痴漢) means molesters, the story is train molesters doing what they do, do I need to say anything more? That's the story, nothing more; I don't know if it's a criticism to molesters or something like this, If it is, so I think that it should be done differently, else it's an awful thing made.
Now about the art, the characters are so ugly, I can compare it to Hametsu no Mars, the difference is that the animation is a little bit better.
But it is it, I really don't know anything more to say, this anime is so bad, don't spend your time with it, there are many other options to watch that are so many better, and the most important thing, don't reproduce anything you've seen in this anime.