Jul 7, 2020
SpearShake (All reviews)
A high school girl falls in love with an adult male, and then she more or less starts stalking him. Telling him over and over that they should be together. Is that romantic, or scary?

Story: Personally I really like this story early on. It's very immature and silly, but adorable. "I love you, even though we met a few seconds ago, let's be together". It's just so refreshingly simple. The problem is that it's a shoujo manga. So there is far too many dramatic back stories and flashbacks. The Man has crafted and sold a gitarr many years ago, and the female protagonist just so happens to be the current owner of that gitarr. "OMG god is telling them to be together!" Yeah, no. I think that if people in a romantic relationship need plot twists like that to be together, they are NOT meant to be.

But even with all these typical shoujo situations, this manga stays strong. The art is absolutely perfect for the silly girl, lots of funny faces without exaggerating too much. The humor is very chill, it doesn't makes me laugh, but I still enjoy it. And the characters are all very likable, much better than we are usually seeing for this genre. With "only" 8 volumes, this may very well be perfect since it probably won't be too dragged out.

As I don't usually like shoujo, I was surprised by how good this manga is. I can honestly say that the first volume is near goddamn perfect. (for being shoujo) Let's just hope the author doesn't throw in too many melodramatic plot twists along the way. So if you like romantic comedies, this manga is definitely worth a chance.