Mar 29, 2008
Beatnik (All reviews)
This OVA will undoubtedly get much praise from people too quick to let the animation convince them they've witnessed something groundbreaking, when in reality, much like what occurs in the story itself, they've allowed themselves to be bamboozled by what's in front of their faces while ignoring what's behind it all.

Swinging your camera around like a 15 year old who just discovered editing software doesn't really impress. The director's immaturity behind the camera shows itself via his lack of restraint. Animation junkies, the kind of people who prioritize pretty visuals over substance and story wont notice or care.

The story was imaginative and with a slowly expanding scope that reaches a resounding climax, but this OVA loses points for the use of voice over which is not only one of the laziest devices used in screenwriting but also just irritating to listen to as well. It takes a master to convey a story with only necessary dialogue, it takes a generic director to explain everything through voice over.

So to sum up: an interesting premise populated by nonentities plucked from the Anime 101 playbook and directed by a Makoto Shinkai wannabe trying too hard to impress.