Feb 24, 2011
reidesu (All reviews)
Well what is there to say about Mitsudomoe........I LOVED IT!!
Great anime. Now one of my favourites!

The whole show was great! I rated the "story" a five because, let's face it there is no story. Just the three Marui triplets enjoying their everyday life :) And their everyday life just so happens to be the funniest life ever!

Any ways, I HIGHLY recommend this anime. It's not for children obviously. But it's still awesome! Granted they are young, and a lot of ignorant people call it a "lolicon" anime even though they haven't watched the show. JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE CHILDREN DOESN'T MAKE IT LOLICON! I mean seriously (-_-) people judge too quickly. Yes, they do draw them kind of erotically sometimes, but the overall script between characters is HILARIOUS.

Now, let's see....oh yes, the "art". The "art" was really good. they made all the characters kawaii looking. It might only be me but I love the chibi style animes, they're just so cute! (^.^) Next is sound. Yes I loved the sound. All of it. The music, background noises and panning when necessary. I especially love the スイー (Suiii) whenever Hitoha walks by and people stare at her! NEXT is characters. All the characters were amazing, all unique in their own way and all of them easy to remember.

Now my conclusion...Well I enjoyed this anime so much I rated it 10, but if the numbers went higher, I would go even higher than that! It was just such a funny show. Laughed so hard almost all the time!

My overall rating is of course 10 "Outstanding!"

I hope you all enjoyed my review! :)