Feb 24, 2011
Plagus777 (All reviews)
"I watch hentai anime for the plot."

Lol Bullshit, that has to be the most retarded claim ever!

Screw the plot and lets get straight to the art.

The art is wonderful, nothing to extreme, censorship isn't too blocky and it's way better than crappy uncensored art instead.

Sound... well... Hentais aren't going to try and sell OSTs so voice acting is the real subject of dicussion here. The moans, sounds, and conversation during the action is spot on and never distracts.

Characters... Are we seriously going to discuss development? No, I'm talking about design and moe. I believe we have a nice blonde (princess type I think...) and a pink twintail Tsundere.

Enjoyment... Dialogue is excellent and the action is even more so. It doesn't just play off the scenes but the talking actually improves it.

Overall, I give it a 7. The highest I'll ever give a 3 episode OVA hentai. On a standard hentai scale it'd get an 8.

If it was a full 12 season with an actual romance plot that pulled me into the ero scenes I'd would allow a high rating.

At the end of the day, it's another good old hentai.

Torrents are up there, it's easy to download.