Jul 5, 2020
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
tl;dr: A manga that has an interesting world, interesting stories, and a likable cast, but that doesn’t have enough narrative oomph.

This manga has many aspects, but none really felt like they were enough to hold up the manga, especially considering how long it is at 48 volumes. There’s the aspect with the goddesses and demons, which has a decent amount of good world building, but the stories related to it mostly just amount to small episodes. Similarly, a good amount of the manga also has to do with motorcycles and the motor club, but that too just comes and goes as small episodes without any major arcs. While these episodes are decent enough, there generally isn’t any sort of larger narrative to them. More so this is just the story of the cast of characters living their lives and due to their circumstances getting involved with various things. Things that happen do have a long-lasting impact on the manga, but its more in that they effect the flow of how they’ll continue living their normal everyday lives rather than pushing any sort of plot thread forward.

Manga that are simply about people living their lives can be great, but they have to rely on things other than the plot, such as character and relationship development. However, I didn’t think the character and relationship development was that strong either. Keiichi and Belldandy are shown as starting their relationship just because of a wish, but quickly they’re suddenly treated as an incredibly tight knit couple. Now them as a couple isn’t a problem, as how strong of a couple they are is actually pretty amazing, but it didn’t really show how they got there. The plot also doesn’t really throw much in the way of trials to their love either. Hence, while the relationship is great, it didn’t really feel like there was relationship development. In terms of character development, both of them felt minimal. Urd and Skuld were also shown to have a pretty strong bond as sisters, but that too focused more so on showing the bond itself and not it’s development. Both of them did however have decent character arcs. However, due to the length of the manga and how spread out they were, while reading they felt pretty sparse. The rest of the side characters had things here and there, but nothing too substantial.

In addition to the plot or characters, a manga may also rely on comedy. There was some decent comedy here and there in this manga, but it isn’t a gag manga, so that wasn’t the focus and overall the comedy was just decent, and not really enough to hold up the manga. All in all for the most part, it felt like there were a lot of good aspects but with none of them working well enough to serve as a solid core for the manga, and hence for the vast majority of the manga it simply felt like it was going too slowly or not going anywhere at all. This changes during the last fifth or so that has a singular long story arc that ultimately focuses heavily on relationship and character development and does a pretty solid job of it, ultimately bringing things to a pretty satisfying ending. However, it feels like it took far too long to get there. The art started out not that great but ultimately became pretty solid.