Feb 24, 2011
kekekeKaj (All reviews)
When I think of "Hellsing", the word "stylish" and "badass" come to mind. With its music, its characters and its animation, "Hellsing" is a series that oozes style and badassery from its every pore. Ok, the story may not be incredible (to be frank, the story telling is a bit of a mess), but hey, if you've come "Hellsing" expecting to served up a great story, then someone must have grossly misinformed you of the nature of the show. "Hellsing" is all about kicking ass, vampires, vampires kicking ass, and er, vampires getting their ass kicked. What it lacks in story, it makes up for with its moments of dark atmosphere and whirlwind panache. The action is full blooded and stylish, and for the most part, entertaining for all the right reasons, though there are moments of shoddy/bizarre production, making it sometimes entertaining for the wrong reasons (werewolf wearing pants, anyone?).

As anyone who's watched this will tell you, the star of the show is Alucard, who carries the show on his back and who pretty much represents what the show is all about. He's a deviation from the classic portrayal of the aristocrat vampire with traditional dress code and exquisite manners, nor is he like a modernised wussy vampire heart throb found in many recent TV series/books aimed at teenagers. No, Alucard is has his own unique style, with his extravagant red outfit and swagger that reeks of coolness and attitude. He has such a gigantic, overbearing presence that he seems to gravitate everything around him whenever he appears.

It's a pity then, that the main character is actually Seras Victoria, whose meekiness and blandness makes her one of the most forgettable characters in the show. This is especially disappointing considering the fantastic characters that are found in support. There's Integra Hellsing, who is one of the few cases of a good, strong female character; there's Alexander Anderson too, who is Hellsing's counterpart from the church faction. Armed with his own set of tools, ability and kick ass demeanor, Anderson is a worthy adversary to Alucard, and it's always fascinating to see the sparks fly whenever the two meet.

Like Alucard, the music in "Hellsing" is something that's too good for me not to mention. For one thing, "Hellsing" is pretty bold with its music selection. It doesn't go for the mediocre jpop/jrock found in many other anime, nor does it play it safe with generically pleasant sounding classical instrumental tracks. Instead it goes for a more unconventional, jazzy kind of sound, and pulls it off spectacularly with an OST that not only fits the cool swagger of the series extremely well, but is also strong enough in its funky melodies for me to listen to the tracks by themselves (which is more than what I can say for 90%+ of the tracks on the "Cowboy Bebop" OST).

Overall, "Hellsing" is a series that knows its own strengths and plays to them well. It's an over the top action series that likes to casually throw around an abundance of blood and gore, posturing, trash talking and profanity, and rarely does it deviate from this blueprint. It was one of the first anime I'd watched as I was trying to get into anime, so I might be viewing it through rose tinted glasses, but I honestly found the whole thing to be a very enjoyable ride. And did I mention Alucard is totally badass?