Feb 23, 2011
Li-Ya (All reviews)
Truthfully, this manga exceeds my expectations. Once Twilight and every other possible cliché that ever existed had come to life, you kind of get used to it and start to lower your actual expectations to fantasy.

Do not fear though.

This is a good manga. The story is about Hiro who, I think, is a little weak and all. The major thing that turned his life around was...

He died.

That, to begin with, is not totally special as a beginning, but that, at least, shows that I didn't have to expect a far-stretched explanation or he wouldn't be a fantasy creature that had been kidnapped and raised like a human.

Anyway, he was revived by Hime, a princess whose blood can turn any dead being into her blood warrior. His duty being to protect her in the upcoming fight for the crown.

The plot is a little cliché but nonetheless enjoyable.

For Characters, I think many will like the girls characters. Hime, strong and reliable, is a true leader material. She has good intellects and fully succeed to charm the reader. Reiki is somewhat a 'grey' character. Not really a villain but not a gentle heroine, she is more likely to please many with her 'I am the most important' style of thinking. Finally, the werewolf, Riza. She is a polar opposite of Hime. Hotheaded, stubborn, she is nonetheless a reliable and thoughtful character. She is still cute and fragile inside though.

The only character I truly dislike must be Hiro's sister as she is a shallow character. But as her appearance is a little random and she cannot even get the title of supporting character, it is a problem one can overlook.

As this is my first review, I don't know what else to really tell. But truthfully, this is an entertaining story with flaws, indeed, but with an interesting approach.