Jul 3, 2020
Preliminary (15/? chp)
Whispering You a Love Song is an extremely sweet and adorable yuri manga, out of all the yuri series I've seen this is among the cutest and best of them all. Everything you'd want in a good and wholesome yuri is in this title.

The story is quite unique and executed very well. The bubbly kouhai in the relationship, Himari, has never quite had any romantic experience until she had met her senpai, the cool, tall and tomboyish Yori. She falls in "love" with her at first sight and seemingly confesses to Yori right on the spot, but it isn't quite the "love" we'd expect in a romance manga like this. So with that their relationship develops as Himari attempts to understand these complex emotions, what are these feelings of hers? The differences between the different types of love, it's a refreshing take on romance and is nice to see, until finally after seeking advice from her mother and friends about these feelings does she truly realize what these feelings of love for her senpai are, and yes, they are romantic.

The characters are all lovable for the most part so far, there is some drama mixed in but it isn't irritating and overwhelming to read through unlike many other romance manga as it feels more realistic. Of course the main attraction is the main couple of Himari and Yori. Their relationship is adorably sweet, to the point where it feels intoxicatingly so, the author is merciless as extreme cuteness is constantly delivered every single chapter. The manga is self aware of this as Yori-senpai embodies this feeling from the reader as she is overwhelmed by how damn cute her girlfriend Himari is, she is even frequently illustrated having dog ears and a tail as a means of showing that Himari has behavior similar to a little puppy as she follows around her beloved Yori-senpai. My heart was going crazy the entire time I was reading this, I was caught off guard by the level of wholesomeness this manga delivers. Outside of the main couple, the side characters are great as well as they act as wing women that support their friends in their endeavor of sweet love, and even have some romance going on among themselves as well.

The art is beautiful, it has great detail and portrays the story it is telling perfectly as the art is as cute as its characters. Some panels even feel cinematic with how breathtaking they are to view, and there isn't a single panel of art that feels overtly rushed or lazily drawn as they all look stunning. This is easily one of the best looking manga I've read through.

Overall I rate this yuri masterpiece a 10 and highly recommend it, this is a must read for fans of yuri and romance.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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