Jul 1, 2020
BX_P (All reviews)
Reading this manga was an intense journey. Since its first pages, it has become one of my favorites. It had a freshing and interesting start, but it soon unfolded in a psychological struggle with sadness, hopelessness, guilt and love. The protagonist, Sakisaka-san, is someone extremely injured, who carries an endless burden on his back; unfortunately, he was hated by many, but by putting myself in his place, I was able to understand his suffering and eagerly wish for his happiness. Naho was sweet and determined; it was not easy for her to love someone so hurt, but I admire her very much for having tried her best to understand him and stay by his side.

I got emotional and even cried in several chapters, especially in the last few. Every time I went to read, I knew it wouldn't be easy - his story moved me a lot. But I enjoyed every moment, even the sad ones, and I thanked the author internally for not having made a superficial and easy story, but for having built complex characters, who needed a long way to finally find themselves and get together.

It was perfect. Even the imperfections.