Jun 28, 2020
IzzyMarrie (All reviews)
Normally, I don't write reviews, but seeing as there's not enough ratings to even show a score, and that there's no reviews, I feel I need to. So far, this is the only Ga-nime I have ever seen. The artwork is incredible, and with the voice acting and incredible soundscape, I'm happy to say that this was a 46 minutes well spent.

I rated this as highly as I did because of the uniqueness and enjoyment factor for myself. Please note that I was unable to watch this with English subs, and so this is going off of atmosphere and art alone.

I'd say it leans more on the unnerving more than anything, but it's still a fantastic watch for anyone curious enough and who may enjoy unique and odd horror artwork. I wouldn't say that it ever got really grotesque, but it's definitely got personality and is very unique.

The ending score was really surprising as it was in English and a highly energetic, almost chaotic theme that almost seemed forced. If I had to make a complaint, it'd definitely be the abruptness of the ending theme. After the final story, it just hit like a train lol And the singer was kind of... not good. The instrumental, though, was decent.

In regards to the animation, there is none. It's essentially a slideshow of really interesting artwork. I was afraid that with 46 minutes, that maybe there'd be long moments of narration over a single image, but it never felt like one image was up on the screen for too long.

I didn't know what exactly to rate the story or the characters seeing as the only way I was able to watch this was in Japanese with no English subtitles. However, that didn't deter my enjoyment. It did leave me disappointed as I'd have LOVED to know what's going on. I'm actually planning to eventually purchase a copy of this OVA, and maybe Toei released it with subs.

All in all, this definitely won't be for everyone, but it might be worth checking out. I hope this review helps someone!