Feb 21, 2011
Kapuu (All reviews)
The story could certainly be hard to describe without spoilers, however if you have already watched the anime, heard about it, or simply read the synopsis, then please read on.

The story advances at a steady pace, however sometimes it can be slow while sometimes it can be fast. I personally thought the story was interesting, and it intrigued me to watch more and more of it. There are no filler episodes, as each episode contributes to something within the story. Thankfully no episodes have extremely long talks, nor do they have "no action". There will always be a little bit of action, and comedy in certain area's.

The art I found quite thrilling, it was something different to see, the backgrounds blended nicely with what was going on, as well as sometimes the mood of the character. It isn't ugly or poor, it's very good quality art.

In my opinion the sound was okay, there wasn't any unnecessary sounds within any of the episodes, and the sound also corresponded with what was going on. Obviously the character voices and such, but also the sound of the background noises - the wind, the birds, insects, etc.

As soon as I started watching this anime, I fell victim to the characters.
They are all so different, and you will be unable to choose which is your favourite character.
Good, or evil, both shall win you over. Throughout the anime, you learn more about the characters and their personalities.

Enjoyment: Personally this anime made me laugh quite a lot, and at certain parts it even brought a tear to my eye. It is so touching, and so understanding, but at the same time it keeps you interested - wanting to know more, wanting to see what happens next.

This type of anime is one of a lot which I enjoy watching. However, from the pictures you may see of the anime - it does seem girly, and such - however, even if it does look girly, it's not. If you just take the time to watch a couple of episodes you will realise that this anime could be a great enjoyment for you.
Throughout this anime, you can easily get moved from anger, to sorrow, to guilt, and probably other emotions too. Romance is also within this anime.
Ah! My Goddess is an anime I recommended for friends to watch, and now I recommend it for you viewers to watch as well. Even if it doesn't seem appealing, give it a try and watch a couple of episodes.