Jun 27, 2020
Syureria (All reviews)
This is about Madoka a girl who lives in a room, really. I like this storyline. although it has the same background but I never felt bored. Their comedy and actions are very interesting, it's not really boring.

The Background and Character Design is very good although a bit old. Even though they have the same background but this is very interesting, each chapter has its own charm and that makes it interesting.

I really enjoyed this manga, even though I read it all at once but I did not feel bored to read it.

Some things that make me uncomfortable is that Madoka or MC of this manga have limitations in communication, I'm sure you won't see Madoka open her mouth, and I doubt that Madoka has a mouth, lol.

This will be a good inspiration, at least the window can make you feel happy, that's what I feel after reading this.