Feb 19, 2011
stellanumber7 (All reviews)
Hi no Matoi is a great story and I cannot wait until more of its chapters are translated. The art is BEAUTIFUL and the characters are very enjoyable. So far the story is a little typical (not too much but a little), but everything else makes up for that. If you're a sucker for romance then this is not the book for you. This is a book about brotherly love and the struggle to be accepted- and the heir to a samurai clan trying to escape people who would kill him for his title. The main protagonist, Sakura, ends up staying with the ku-gumi a sort of firefighter like squad that helps out their district often. He ends up befriending the ku-gumi, but finds that one of thier members absolutely HATES samurai.
Even though he is pretty scrawny and fragile looking, Sakura proves to be one of those characters your always rooting for, and he doesn't disappoint.