Jun 3, 2007
VK11 (All reviews)
Let me begin with saying that if you are reading this review, you probably have played Final Fantasy VII or at least know the basic story of the game as Last Order is not a show that you will randomly watch. You really need to know the story behind the game in order to fully appreciate what the people at Square-Enix did with Last Order.

Last Order basically gives the gamer what they have wondered since seeing the flashback in the basement of the Nibelheim Mansion - what exactly is the history behind Zack and how does he fit into the grand scheme of things. If you paid attention to all of the minute details in the game, you can get a decent idea of who Zack exactly is and what his role is. Last Order tells us that story and Zack's relationship with Cloud and Sephiroth and how Cloud ended up with Zack's buster sword.

The animation is flawless when you consider that they needed to convert all of the Final Fantasy VII world into an animation. It's a completely different project that what Advent Children was about because that was computer graphics, not anime. Cloud, Zack, Sephiroth and the members of ShinRa are all drawn very well, pretty much to perfection.

The music is done very well and the voice actors they gave to each of the main characters seem to fit them quite well. My only qualm with it is the music selection. Don't get me wrong, the music was great. But I feel they should have used some of the music from the game to capture the real essence of FFVII.

Because its approximately only a 30-minute show, its hard to judge anything about character development. BUT, it does do a great job showing the relationship between Zack and Cloud and exactly the closeness of their friendship. The show also does well in portraying how the ShinRa wanted to capture Zack and Cloud at all costs.

Overall, this 30-minute show will answer many questions and leave viewers with a satisfied feeling as they witness the background story of Zack and his relationship with everyone. The big battle scene between Zack and Sephiroth is amazing and showcases Zack's skills very well. This is especially the case when Zack and Cloud are on the run and its Zack vs. the entire ShinRa soldiers at one point.

Definitely a 10/10 worthy show and if you've played Final Fantasy VII and liked the game, chances are you probably already seen this because most avid Final Fantasy gamers are simply on top of everything that is Final Fantasy. Ah, what the heck. It's a nice way to spend 30 minutes or your day. ^_^