Feb 14, 2011
artist-retired (All reviews)
Honestly this isn't a review, but an observation of what this six minute OVA could be.

Naruto x UT, is it an awesome ova displaying some of Naruto and Sasuke's best moments from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden in arguably better animation than the anime, movies, or ovas ever had?
Or is it a sneak peek into the future of the story?

I have two possibilities of what this ova could be.

1. On January 1st 2011, people in japan were able to buy T-shirts of the Naruto fame, and including the shirts, they also received a promotional ova that shows a six minute animation featuring a fight between Naruto and Sasuke, that just seems so unbelievably canon that it seems like it's showing whats to come in the future of the Naruto series.

In fact, it just might be. The ova displays such events that seem to be so congruent with the anime and manga, especially to those who have been keeping up with current events in the manga.

But the thing is: As of this sentence, these events had yet to happen in the anime, heck even in the manga.
Is this ova a strange sneak peek in the future of the series?
I would have no problem believing so, I mean why would they go and make something like this with such hi quality animation no less, or it could just be-

2. A promotional ova and nothing more, but that's a little hard to believe.

+ Some the best animation a Naruto series has ever displayed.
+ A possible look in the future of the series.
- Could just be a promotional ova, that's just coincidentally showing events that had to do with the series.