Feb 12, 2011
TypeOfCicada (All reviews)
I didn't watch this anime because it was recommended to me, or because it was hyped and I had to see what all the opinions were about. Bokurano was a relatively unknown anime to me, not that I watch anime all that much. Oddly, the reason I watched it was because it was one of several that had been left on my hard drive.
I have to admit -- it was the intro that hooked me first about this series. Sometimes, I'd keep watching the show just so that I could see the intro at the beginning. The intro itself is oddly inspiring, if not very characteristic of the show's nihilistic viewpoints. More than that though, it's catchy.
It's difficult to not spoil Bokurano, but the main reason to watch it is to figure out exactly what it is that you're watching. The plot starts out simple enough. I heard from a friend that it's very similar to Evangelion -- 15 children pilot a robot and try to stop new, enemy robots who appear and challenge them, blah blah.
But Bokurano is not Evangelion. It isn't even remotely close to Evangelion, despite the similarities in the exposition.
The mecha wasn't the reason for my watching this. I've never been a big fan of giant robots, or at least that's never been the main reason for me to watch an anime.
Bokurano is psychological. At times, it can be depressing, and if you have a simple frame of mind, I wouldn't suggest watching it. In many ways, the show questions the meaning of life itself, though I can't spoil how exactly. It takes a bit of patience to watch, but the show rewards you for your resolve.
In short, Bokurano is inspiring and depressing at the same time. Watching it was an experience, to say the least. It's a good show. I recommended it to a friend, and he's glad I did -- he's on episode eight, and thanks me quite a bit for the recommendation.