Jun 17, 2020
Mister_Roshi (All reviews)
A rare hentai that has a decent story that feels like something you might see in an anime made for tv. The Main character falls asleep in what appears to be an abandon garden at school only to wake up with a girl sleeping next to him. You then get introduce to the main backbone of the story which is the garden club needs helping reviving since it has no members followed by an introduction of the harem of girls that could be interested in the main character in the next few scenes. Unfortunately the harem never develops and the only girl he sleeps with is the first girl he meets while sleeping.

Art and animation are pretty good, with solid character design and smooth animation that shows this had a decent budget and the studio actually cared about their product.

Overall its a solid vanilla hentai and something any hentai viewer can get into and people that don't like the more extreme hentai out there can easily get into. This is a great intro hentai for people new to the anime/hentai scene.