Jun 14, 2020
Mekartur (All reviews)
Honestly It baffles me how many people thought this was a good season. I already had a bunch of things that I dislike regarding the first season, but honestly this one is just plain worse in every step of the way.

Not going about too many spoilers, first there's this tournament, that gets all hyped up and delivers basically nothing. Just the main characters fighting a bunch of random "kaioh masters" that get defeated very anti-climatic. Then there are the episodes regarding Mohamed Junior that seems to be getting to a point, and barely makes a point at all. When we finally get to the fight in question, it lasts 3 seconds. And the end is just pathetic.

This entire season doesn't have a SINGLE well-built climatic exciting fight. They ALL are simply boring, yet they want to be more than what they are, they try to show as something serious and solemn. The drinking of 10 liters os water with glucose; the teardrop that HEALS the poison in the character's body all of a sudden, as well as a bunch of other stupid things... Is just plain bad, guys. If you want to watch a reasonably good anime like this go watch Kengan Ashura, which has a lot of issues but is actually better in every aspect.