Jun 9, 2020
TenRX (All reviews)
Before reading this review please understand that any Manga don't have to be a serious genre or having real life stuff to be enjoyable; or better said, the purpose of the mangaka on Kanojo mo Kanojo is not about getting serious at all but have a lot of comedy and a great gag manga like Aho Girl was.

Kanojo mo Kanojo is another of those Romcom that ase more focused on the comical part, similar to a gag manga the purpose is to crack a smile to the reader without much thought on who is loving who.

Story is about our male MC (Naoya Mukai), enjoying his first girlfirend (Saki Saki), during the first day dating her he met another girl (Nagisa Minase) that she has intense feelings for him, and because for some logical but honest personality of the MC he ends getting her as a second girlfriend.

Now while the story is somewhat lacking, the characters are made to be the extreme of themselves, Naoya being a complete sincere and honest person that flows with feelings left and right, can't leave any of both girls and has to be in a two timing relationship with them. Saki being a useless character but at the same time she won't hate the situation and Nagisa willing to give her best so Naoya and Saki get together at the end even if her feelings are "pure" on some way. A complete mess and because of this maelstrom of feelings and logic (illogical) reasonings they'e together.

Art is real good, you can feel determination on their actions of each character on every page, at the same time we got many of these characters can't keep it low so they're always flipping their sht for any upcoming situation. The spread pages are almost perfect in giving us a well detailed joke, or the environment they're in. There are many blank backgrounds, that's something I have to deal with it because Hiroyuki (the mangaka) focused more on giving us a gag instead of a well detailed place in a few of these pages, probably these details can be fixed when a manga volume is publised in a future.

Enjoyment is subjective but at the same time is delicate on this genre, like the cake analogy of "eating too much cake everyday ends up with you dis-tasting the cake", it's the same for this manga. You can sit and read too much of it but you won't enjoy it at all after a while, because you're getting too much of it.

So if you're in need of something dumb fun, and at the same time a romcom, this manga is for you. More if you liked Aho girl.
If you real need a romcom - serious manga, then I suggest you check on some other genre, the gags won't be enjoyable for you at all even if Hiroyuki is giving his best on making you have fun.