Feb 6, 2011
lisnoire (All reviews)
Although 1,001 Nights is really quite beautiful, is is not what most people expect when they think of anime. There is no dialogue at all and, if you are not familiar with the story of a concubine who kept the sultan from killing her as he had all the other women he slept with by transfixing him with fascinating story every night, it will make no sense to you whatsoever. Some of the tales spun over the 1001 nights include Alibaba and the 40 thieves, Aladdin's Magic Lamp, many more. At just short of 30 minutes, this festival of stylistic hand drawn and early CG animation dancing in a dream to full philharmonic music is targeted at the connoisseur of animation. If you are turned off by symbolism and the surreal, 1001 Nights is not for you. If you are intrigued by the unique, it is definitely worth a half hour.