Jun 9, 2020
Shellshock123 (All reviews)
So i Finished Pinnochio. A love story between a ghost and tomboy. I think a good way to summarize this series would sweet but lacking. I found the *non-main* drama kinda pointless. Like the drama around the characters that aren't the FMC or MMC. Not to say it was badly written but pointless. I thought that most of the characters were indeed hilarious though it did ruin some serious moments with its unnecessary use of comedy at times. Its a short 7 volumes series. Nothing too much to talk about. Its a pretty straightforward love story albeit the fun premise. I just feel like there weren't any real HIGH moments in this series. But its not like this series dipped in quality either (Except maybe Part 4 which was also the best part go figure). I feel like the author took one risk and though it payed off it wasn't enough for me to say that this series is a must read and instead just kinda devolves to kinda good. I do think the series was kinda slow till like the last half of part 3 but i enjoyed the SOL elements in the beginning as well. As for the main drama and the surrounding itself. I think it was done well on how it started and what it was. But everything calmed down way too easily. There was noticeable lack of tension in the last 4th of part 4 as compared to the beginning. Overall though i had fun and its good but its not really a must read.