Jun 8, 2020
Katsudon96 (All reviews)
Loved this series... until the last episode which should have been somewhere in the middle of the series. episode 12 was a good ending then they ruined it with a stupid out of placed OVA that isn't an OVA.

The Characters are great and i had a lot of enjoyment out of this series, the comedy is on point and there is ecchi scenes... until you get to the end where they throw Full Nudity which is out of place. the artstyle is just over average, and the Suzutsuki has those dead eyes suiting of her personality.

the Romance is good but like most Harem, it goes no where at the end, but at least they try to make it happen with both MC's and Kinjiro acknowledges at the end unlike some harem protagonists...

I give it 7/10 because of that ending, the rest is great.