Jun 7, 2020
Evan297 (All reviews)
This shitshow is one of the worst things I have ever laid my eyes on and do not take that with a grain of salt. Obviously shows like this do not usually have the best story usually because that's not what the viewer is watching it for. But for god's sake I don't know if I should cringe, laugh, or vomit at the situations these students and teachers are in. I'm okay with things that happen in a show that don't happen in real life because, well duh its just a show. But these downright psychotic. They made me cringe so god damn hard. This is just me, but rectal pills in a nurses office isn't the most enjoyable situation to watch people in. Besides the garbage story, the characters are as shallow as a bathroom sink and the animation was garbage hentai level. One thing I do give this show is that the voice actors were half decent. Don't watch this piece of rotten, hot garbage. Overall enjoyment... 1.