Jun 7, 2020
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Save yourself the time and dont read this garbage. Its hard for isekai fans to even attempt to defend this trash.

Story - 6.5/10

Chapter 00 starts by introducing us a overweight 30 year old salaryman who spends his freetime playing games, reading novels, or surfing the web. He's someone who frequently fantasizes over being transported to a fantasy world (isekaid). He goes to bed with this very topic on his mind when he is transported to another world where his looks have increased and his age went from 30 to 19.

Its not that this story is bad because its isekai and im not lowering it because its overused, but stories cannot be made without characters, characters who contributed to the downfall of this story.

Characters - 4.5/10

Our main character could be replaced by literally anyone and the manga would be way better. Its hard to really describe his personality but i guess you could say hes just a typical isekai protagonist (except hes 19), nothing special. Now why did i give the characters a 4.5 you may ask? Its cause the main character is worse than the average isekai protagonist. Hes the type of person to forgive a cute girl if she stabbed him just because she is cute, remember that.

Our female lead who's code-name for the time being will be "Malty" is basically a female simp. Shes so useless in fact, the writer decided to make it seem like the mc had a reason to keep her around and gave her the role of "strategist", which hardly makes sense as the skill she possesses is "Sense Danger 2" which should be easily acquired given our male lead's RPG game window. I assume the writer thinks every story needs a female mc in it too so just tried to toss her in without thinking about anything.

Malty is desperate to get into our mc's pants so shes does what anyone would do in such a situation and drugs him. They had a hot and heavy night but our mc wakes up and remembers no such thing, the only remaining clue to such an occurrence is both of them waking up in the same bed naked. Malty soon wakes up as well inform his of what happened yesterday. So here's a question, what do you think our mcs reaction to this was; choose from the list below.

A) He averts his gaze and soon walks out of the room.
B) He suggests doing the deed a second time to make up for his clouded memories.
C) He's pissed he cant remember it because Malty is hot.
D) He storms out of his room, turning this into solo leveling.

The Correct answer would be C. Our mc gives zero fucks he was just raped by a girl he met 10 hours ago, he even decides to keep her in their newly formed party. The next day they even go on a date and i'll spare you the details but you can assume what happened that night ;). Maybe now you can see why i refer to her as Malty.

What caused this manga's downfall?
Trash choices made by the mc. Or i guess you could say it was the writers fault.
Why didnt i mention one characters actual name?
Its cause i forgot them already.