Jun 4, 2020
Broombroom27 (All reviews)
The team that made baki 2018 really learn from there mistakes from the convicts arc and showed it in this season of baki, the art, animation and sound is 100x better than it was in the first season with no cgi at all and an amazing op, Ed and and ost with even more songs than before, this season was amazing with the amount of improvment from the last season, but let me actually tell you what I think of each arc

Raitai tournament arc: 8.5/10
This arc is easily one of my favourite arcs in all of baki, i won't deny the fact that some of the kaioh's that were hyped up so much and then proceed to get battered was very annoying, the level of detail and animation made me enjoy it a lot more than i did reading the manga, and when there was a good fight, the fight was always top tier, and kaku vs yujiro is easily God tier and a contender for anime fight of the year, the characters if I have to be honest, aren't that good, kaku, jyaku and the guy that fought Oliva in the 2nd round (sorry forgot his name) were probably the most likeable new characters, nobody else was really that likeable, in short this arc has the best action in the whole series yet what was holding it back was some disappointing fights

Muhammad Ali Jr arc: 5/10
In my opinion the arc isn't good, it was a lot more enjoyable than it was in the manga, Muhammad Ali Jr is just a crazy simp and itagaki took the piss considering how his dad is one of the best characters he could have been an even better character but itagaki wasted the opportunity to do so and never used him in the story again, weirdly even though I don't like his character I would have loved for him to come back again as long as he gets a polnareff level character development, the fight scenes are decent and the last one was very disappointing, but what I loved the most was the ending, yujiro finally decides to take baki seriously and both baki and yujiro get ready to battle it out. Overall this arc wasn't good but the anime done it a lot better than the manga which saved me from giving it a lower score

Tokyo revenge episode: 6/10, not much to say about the episode, personally I think it was pretty good special, it isn't the best thing ever but it was good, unfortunately I doubt any of the convicts will come back since the Tokyo revenge arc hasn't came out in the manga or been confirmed to be coming out

Overall it was a good season and I can see the guys who made this animating an anime for koukou tekkenden tough or fist of the North star, the amount of improvement from season 1 to this season is insane and I 100% recommend watching this season, now i am really excited for son of ogre/hanma baki to be animated