Jun 4, 2020
Yurg (All reviews)
So this will include a spoiler or two so there is that. The last season left us off with Baki going to this tournament to help him recover his fighting spirit. And we continue with the tournament starting and finishing after around 7 episodes.
(Small Spoiler so small it doesn’t matter) when its Baki’s turn to fight he fights against Mr. poison hand man, Baki negates the poison and somehow this helps him in the long run.

This is great an all. An by all means if you like hearing about fighting instead of seeing it then this season/show is definitely for you. During the final fight between Yujiro and Kako in the tournament it was about 7 to 5 minutes of fighting And 30 minutes of explanations of fighting, techniques and classic “this guy is not as strong as he looks.

Muhammad Ali Jr. was in this, oh did I mention Muhammad Ali Jr. was in this.
I bet you didn’t know Muhammad Ali Jr. was in this. They go beyond to signify that both Muhammad Ali Jr. and Muhammad Ali are in this. But to the point where there are around 4 episodes surrounding only Muhammad Ali Jr. during those episodes, there were fights so it was entertaining in that sense. But besides that it was lacking. As well as Muhammad Ali Jr. hits on and tries to marry Baki’s girlfriend.

The ending song was probably the best part about the sound, and the only credit I can give to it. In one episode when Baki is jogging, the sound of him stepping isn’t synched to the animation, and made me physically cringe hearing it.

The characters are the typical ones you could expect from a fighting anime, they fight and explain things that happen. Most of them are from previous seasons too so they are already known. Does that mean they are the best characters created, no it does not.

I didn’t like this, I got bored after the tournament and on the 12th episode I got excited again because it hints at Baki fighting his father, finally. And in the episodes prior it was Baki fighting none other than Muhammad Ali Jr. which was not exciting like it was hyped up to be.

The art is the typical style for Baki, a fast blur to make it seem like it was inhuman. It’s not necessarily bad I like it for this kinda style, but it makes some of the characters look as if they don’t know what’s happening, and or have a dumb look on their face when they don’t mean too.

Also the tournament takes place over the span of one day.

I wrote notes as I was watching and I stopped after the tournament because there was nothing else to take note of. If you like surprises and interesting fighting styles then hey this might be for you. If you like long drawn out explanations about those fighting styles and the people using them then again this is for you. But I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone and wouldn’t tell people openly I watched it even though I am.

I will say this to defend Baki, the fights were entertaining no matter how dumb or slow they took. Each was unique to an extent where it didn’t seem old and already used. The techniques introduced are new and interesting they are just talked about a lot.

Ok that’s it, overall I gave this anime a 5.

If you liked Baki before you will probably still like this one to get ready to see the next season.