Jun 4, 2020
dragon97king (All reviews)
Baki new season just dropped and like always its a wild journey

Baki takes place right after season 1 with baki going to china to enter the Raitai tournament to cure the poisoned. It's differently one hell of a way to end and start a season but with over the top fights and characters it's such a fun bloody journey.
They really went all out on this season no butt ugly cg and each impact of the fights looked painful it's a fun to watch.
The sound in this anime is great as I said in my art part the fights look painful but also sound painful with some exciting music it just makes for a awesome watch.
Ps the opening in this season is by far the best op for baki so far.
The characters in baki are usually all baddasses with a few things to tell them apart with baki he's very respectful to his opponents and won't go looking for a fight unless it's his father. many others of the fighters are also a joy to watch just don't look for anything to deep about them.
I had a blast watching this I watch all 13 ep when I woke up if you enjoy baki you'll love this season
9 out of 10