Jun 4, 2020
Reiri (Manga) add (All reviews)
mangareader123 (All reviews)
Reiri is a historical fiction manga written by Hitoshi Iwaaki(parasyte/ historie).. It's about a girl whose family is killed but she is saved by a Samurai Lord. She decides to become a fighter for him.
If you like Japanese history, this is a must read. It has great action, dialog and thoroughly enjoyable.
We see Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Nobukaysu and other warlords make war. And Reiri is in the midst of it all!!

Story: 8
It's fiction. But follows history as closely as possible, with few added spices.

Art: 8
Art is always smooth and easy on the eyes. Fights are easy to follow.

Character: 8
I loved Reiri, Okabe, Souzo, and Nobukatsu. You'll love them too. They are written so beautifully! There is immense character growth for our protagonist. Physical as well as mental.

Enjoyment: 9
The pacing is fast, to say the least. In 35 chapters an entire piece of history is packed. I enjoyed every page.
My only complaint-- Reiri is overpowered.
And one wish-- I wish it had more than 35 chapters.

So that's it!! Go on read the story. Hope you like it.
Thank you for reading this review!!