May 31, 2020
GrayRealm (All reviews)
This is poorly done.

It is a "reincarnation in another world" isekai.
The problem is that it is rather generic, pretty much goes through checklist of all the common tropes, protagonist is generic.

Also, female lead is annoying. It is obvious that the author wanted to make her a star, but tried to hard making her attempt to act cute, and instead her antics which were supposed to go "aww" look fake and as a result they are cringe-inducing and annoying.

I'd recommend to skip.


Story: 3/10.
Generic, slow moving and resembles checklist of other isekai. After reading 7 chapters I didn't really find anything that would set this manga apart from other works.

Art: 6/10
Average closer to good. Decent visuals and level of details, there aren't any cost cutting stuff like photo background or 3d renders, and generally solid.

Character: 3/10.

Generally poor. Main character has little personality, and female lead is quite annoying.

Enjoyment: 4/10. Didn't really enjoy it.

Overall: 4/10.
Rather uninspired and unfun, with annoying female lead. I'd advise to skip it.