May 30, 2020
robert788 (All reviews)
Girls & Panzer: Taiyaki War! (2020)

An explanation of the spying done by Ooarai girls academy on the BC Freedom High School. We see the initial conflict between the schools that seems to be prior to the unity we see in the movie.

Firstly, we need to remember that carriers are much bigger than you think as, for example, the Ooarai carrier is in the range of over 7km approximately. This is important due to the segregation seen on the BC Freedom carrier.

Secondly, despite the poster it is not at all to do with the Japanese team Chi-Ha-Tan Academy. It is BC Freedom and one member of Ooarai.

The first part of the OVA is very reminiscent of the climax of the French Revolution. You then in the second half see it progressed to what we see during the films and how Ooarai as per the films are tricked into the beliefs they had about the team.

The art is of the standard you would expect. It is nice to see and is the same as the movie.

Sound is nice and the ending tune especially is nice. We also get the BC Freedom anthem during.

Characters develop in as much as you see the conflict towards the climax and resolution.

It is a very cute and very good OVA.