May 29, 2020
Shellshock123 (All reviews)
So i finished Superior †. and due the fact it being overall shorter as well as the fact the cat was out of the bag. I feel like this series was slightly better than its prequel. However the author at the same makes the same mistakes. Again i enjoyed the first volume despite it basically being a recap of the series. I think the author once again did very well in establishing the world. But beyond that i think the author made the same mistakes once again. With Poor execution. This time however i did think that some of the characters outside of the main 4 were better written specifically 2 of the villains. the action in the last half of volume 4 and the first half of volume 5 was actually exciting. In the end i think the author does a good job here and there but with the ending i just can't see this being a must read. I get the hype for this series but the execution is too weak for me to fully enjoy it.

6/10. Fun at times