Jan 30, 2011
SuperSamos (All reviews)
I watched "Code-E" first, it was meh romance with a bit of fantastics, so when i saw the poster with Chinami and some other girls in superhero suits, i almost laught thinking that it should be another stupid action.
But it turned out that the series are good and even better than the previous ones. In Code-E, Brinbergs' topic was the most stupid thing, but here you should enjoy parts where Melissa and Adol appear. It was an interesting step from comedy to drama.
One more interesting thing is how Ma-chan takes Chinami. Chinami is chatting, Maori silently looks at her and we understand how naive and careless our ex-protagonist is, and it even irritates.
Story is interesting, but there are still some points that are not clear even after watching all the episodes.
Art is ok but the colours are worse than in Code-E.
And there is action and fights in superhero suits, i don't like that sort of action, but maybe you'll enjoy it
Overall, 6/10 because it is not great but rather pleasant. Did you forget that 6 is a good mark too?