May 25, 2020
StrikerPikasuke (All reviews)
I'm certainly tired of Yo-kai Watch trying to get attention from other grown-ups especially with teens and such what. Shadowside is good enough with:
- The Stories is some episodes good compared to the original, having a more darker tone in this series.
- The 5th movie, Forever Friends is good similar to the anime and the only good movie in the Yo-kai Watch series
- Like the Yo-kais during the future timeline compared to original, as they have the ability to transform into their Shadowside form.

Compared to Shadowside, Yo-kai Watch had once again copied the notes from other series like they copied from Digimon (Having creatures transform) and this time, they copied from My Hero Academia. I mean the opening of the series is good. But there are many issues with the anime.
- Jiba Jinpei, the main character looks like Jibanyan fusing with Boruto Uzumaki from the series of the same name to have a bratty personality. Their voice looks almost the same but different voice actors.
- All of Jiba's forms look like they are made from Sonic the Hedgehog especially the comics; anthropomorphic cat forms with connected eyes like Sonic. Even his main form looks like Jibanyan as a Sonic character.
- They used My Hero Academia overall for everything in the series to mix it with the Yo-kai Watch series. Even some filler episodes are getting way boring similar to the original.
- Some people would not like the idea that they turn them to humans. Probably except for Komasan & some human based Yo-kai like Fubiki-Hime.
Whisper turned into a antagonist and he's even more weird.

The only good thing about the series is that:
- The fights from the 6th Movie is good, similar to Pokemon XY.
- The only character from the previous series to return is Enma-Daio. Other human characters from the previous series came back as minor characters (But different characters) like Keisuke Amano from Shadowside.
- The series is connected to the previous Yo-kai Watch Series due to Soranaki, the main antagonist from Shadowside & made a comeback to the original.