May 24, 2020
Katsudon96 (All reviews)
I don't normally Review Hentai, because people would see this on my profile and like, WTF, but here i go.

I Loved this. The story is the only thing not on point with the rest but everything makes sense in the end after you watch all 4 episodes. As the Story Progresses you get start to understand how the World works and why she suddenly chose the the teacher which shows a lot of resemblance to the the MC of Interview with Monster Girls.

This is basically the same but they want sex to produce offspring to save their race. They start falling for him other than wanting his D, and that is fine. Each character is unique and adds to the overall hentai. their personalities are bloody amazing.

The art style is better than most hentai and that makes it better to watch. The sound Design on top is just as good, nothing too cringy like some others.

I had a lot of fun and wish it went for longer than 4 episodes, but hentai is hentai and they don't normally go for more than 2 episodes each (unless you are Poro and make 2 different stories within 1 series with multiple chapters in each about "incest" and "rape", to be honest, 1 is 100x better than 2, whoops went on for to long back to the hentai at 1 hand)

Overall i loved this and hopefully more Hentai follow this as an example to make better hentai with more plot.