May 23, 2020
sickbunnygrave (All reviews)
the story starts with aya asagiri, a girl that lives with her mother, father and his brother that is constantly abusing her, she is also bullied in school by a group of girls and is always feeling sad and alone,but one day a mysterious website appears in her computer, saying they will give her a magical girl stick because of the misfortune she has been living, she can do whatever she wants with it now, what wil she do?

mahou shoujo site is a really good dark magical girl series, it obviously was inspired by madoka magica but still is an excellent manga, this manga includes a lot of sensitive and triggering topics so if you dont feel like reading that, this manga is not for you, the characters are all interesting in their own way, every one has a backstory and their own contribution to the story, i think the end was kinda shitty in my opinion but anyways this is my review lol