May 20, 2020
Average_Tami (All reviews)
This is my first review!

So I absolutely loved/love this so much, I binge read it cause I just could not let it end!!!
I love the story, it doesn't feel forced, I love all the humor in it, I like how the relationship's in the manga are shown and how they grow and even the way they show the past trauma's and past relationships. DG did so good, so funny, so silly love all the little easter eggs hidden around.

I LOVE the art style it is so nice. I love the subtly of the derpy easter eggs and yuyangs rings. I love the style of the characters and the character themselves, how they grow and learn and take actions.

I was squealing and speaking out loud when I read this XD I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall it is a sweet story, very funny and it expands on different relationships which usually I will only want to read and see the MC and the MC's past but honestly did not mind the extra characters and all their stories as well. I actually even loved the side stories it was really really great I loved it so much!!!!

20/10 recommend! especially if you are into BL, it's not vulgar or show's too much it's just super sweet and I love it!