May 14, 2020
amiralkhasany (All reviews)
chinese animation/anime have different approach. maybe a lot of you prefer japanese anime but if you want try defferent taste and can accept and try to understand the language I would say this "anime" is not bad.
first overall the animation is good if you compare it with low budget japanese anime this day. especially the design character its so beautiful.
and the sound/music is really good
about the story, I believe that the "real" story is so good but this "anime" have a lot of missing part. but for me I still can tolerate it. "just try to understand it and you will get the feel"
Actually its really bad at first 3 episode, I don't know what the "director" want to show to us. it feels they skip a lot of important detail. but it become better in later episode.
if I give summary it will be "you come to another world but you don't have a magic talent so you become a gardener. but because of it you find a seed of fairy and broke their seal, every fairy have their past life so you must help them to face their past(it's a sad life story)"

overall I enjoying watching this anime and listening opening and ending music.