May 3, 2020
So, first, the description of the anime is wrong. Paroru is not the one, who wants to see the fireworks. It’s rikotto. Paroru is actually literally afraid of anything and respects the rules of their island very much. Zazu is a collector, but he never thought about leaving the island. Rikotto on the other hand is very adventurous and as soon as she sees the photo with the fireworks, she immediately makes the decision to go and see them (because she loves all shiny things).

Overall, I find the story really cute and a nice cartoon for kids.

The species looks very nice and i actually would love to see more of them. The island as well looks pretty comfortable and the art is amazing.

What I also love about this short film, is that it doesn’t really have a specific moral. You can interpret so many things into it and in the end, it’s still subjective. There are so many morals I thought about after watching it and I think each of it works pretty fine, although some of them are rather dark.

Tho, I’d still recommend it to anyone, who’d like to smile after a stressful day. :)

My score: 9/10
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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